Bridal Makeup Tips for Real Weddings

When it comes to bridal makeup, there are always special effects you’re looking to achieve and special problems you are anxious to hide. Here are the bridal makeup tips you need to get what you are after.

Let’s start with a problem that always seems to show up at exactly the wrong time (you know it will because there have been enough movies made on the subject) – a breakout. While there might be a few makeup tricks that work well at covering up a nasty zit that shows up at the wrong time, there certainly is nothing you can do about constantly being aware of how someone might notice it at any moment. Prevention then is what you need to pay attention to. Right before the wedding isn’t the time you want to try any new kind of product to put on your skin. Skin allergies are on the up everywhere; you want to make sure that you stick to the skin care regimen that you are well used to in the days before the wedding (you have to remove all your makeup every night even if you’re falling asleep on your feet).

All the anxiety you are struck with before the wedding is bound to give you quite a case of under-eye circles either close to the day of the wedding or the day itself (now there’s something to lose sleep over). A couple of days before the wedding, you could try to get rid of those circles by sleeping with your head properly elevated. On the day, you want to make sure that your mascara and your eye shadow are perfect. With all those colors to choose from, how do you know you have the right color choice? Experimenting is key – since choice of eye shadow color always comes down to the specific eyes it is intended for. For instance, if your eyes are a little close set the way you see them, you could easily space them out using light-colored shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. You could use dark eye shadow to highlight the middle of your eyelids.

When it comes to mascara, waterproof is the only way to go for a wedding. In fact, it should be required equipment not just for the bridal makeup but for makeup for the bridesmaids as well. Using an eyeliner in place of a mascara wand can do a lot to keep any smearing out. If after all the trouble you take, you find that there is a smudge or other accident, you should probably use a Q-tip soaked in makeup remover to remove it.

It really is true – when it comes to a wedding, everyone really does notice the splash of color on the brides lips. A bold lip color can be a great way to accentuate any wedding gown. An extra vibrant lip color can make your teeth look whiter, and your skin looked softer. To make sure that your lipstick doesn’t stick your teeth for any reason, make sure that you coat your teeth with a bit of Vaseline.