Buy Silk Flowers – Wedding Planning

Wedding celebrations are among the most joyous and memorable times in a person’s life. Preparing for a wedding, however, can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. So let me use this time to try and help ease the stress of one aspect of wedding planning: the purchasing of flowers and bouquets. There are many benefits of using fake flowers over real such as: you can use flowers that are not in season, don’t have to worry about people’s allergies, silk bouquets will last forever, artificial flowers are more durable than real flowers and will not wilt due to heat and lack of water, and finally, they are a better investment.

Depending on the season a wedding is scheduled some flowers may not be available or the price for out-of-season flowers will be raised to a ridiculous cost. Seasons or climates will never affect artificial flowers, and every rare and popular flower has an artificial counterpart.

The last thing a wedding needs is the best man or bride’s maids sneezing during the ceremony and throughout the night due to pollen in the flowers. And, if your wedding is during allergy season, beware. Avoid potential allergy problems by using fake flowers. Artificial flowers can be scented with that fresh flower smell but with none of the harmful loud allergic reactions of pollen.

Wedding bouquets are beautiful and expensive. And when the day is over what do most brides do with that keepsake? Well, they usually dry them out and stick them in a vase somewhere in the house. The wonderful thing about silk bouquets are that the keep their timeless beauty. With practically no maintenance a silk bouquet will look as beautiful thirty years from when the bride first carried it down the aisle.

Artificial flowers are durable. Real flowers are fragile and prone to disaster, especially throughout the hustle and bustle of setting up a wedding. You have to worry about the flowers wilting if the day is hot. You have to make sure they have water so they don’t die, and you have to be careful to not break or tear their leaves when handling and arranging real flowers. All this can be avoided by going silk.

Silk flowers are by far a better investment than real flowers. In fact, real flowers are not an investment at all. If you’re a wedding planner, you could keep sets of silk flowers and arrangement and use them over and over. After a wedding fake flowers can be sold over eBay or Craigslist to help recuperate some of the money that was spent on the wedding.

Real flowers are great. We purchased real flowers for our wedding. But, no one told us we had options. If you are teeter-tottering between silk or real wedding flowers keep in mind that you can get artificial flowers any season for no additional cost, silk flowers won’t affect people’s nasal allergies, silk bouquets will last forever, fake flowers are less likely to be damaged before and during the wedding, and finally, artificial flowers are a better investment because they can be reused or resold.