Etiquette Addressing Wedding Invitations

Marriage is a wonderful aspect of life. For me, it was one of the most memorable and unique experiences of my life. Most women dream of the day when they are the most beautiful woman in the wedding hall and are truly the center of attention. All these dreams came true for me on my unforgettable marriage day.

Getting married is easy but preparing and planning for a marriage is the tougher part. The innumerable considerations that I had to take took me totally by surprise. What with all the plans to make, schedules to be decided and budget limit to be set, the number of particulars that I had to consider made the wedding preparation extremely stressful and overwhelming.

As I am a writer, my job has never prepared me for these sorts of tasks. Working from home, I write and submit my articles at the end of each month. There are no tedious processes involved that give me an experience of organizing events in a short time. As a result, I did not possess significant knowledge to organize a successful wedding alone.

However, wedding planning also boasts a few processes that are exceptionally fun and pleasurable. For me, addressing wedding invitations was one of the main highlights of my wedding-planning process.

Even during my childhood, I particularly enjoyed writing guest lists. While role-playing a wedding with my friends, we had a lot of fun noting down funny and fascinating names on our guest list. At times, we also made a neat stack of cardboard invitations. Every invitation card featured a name of one of our wedding guests. These guests were mainly our stuffed animals and toys. Sometimes, I even enjoyed crafting a wedding invitation card for real guests who came to our house for dinner.

Addressing wedding invitations in reality, for me, was also a very emotional experience. When it came to addressing invitations for real guests who would appear at my wedding in a few days’ time, it strongly reminded me of my memorable childhood and that I would never be able to relive that time again. It brought tears of sadness to my eyes and made me miss my childhood friends a great deal.

Although I knew it was a real wedding this time, I still managed to develop a couple of cards for my most beloved dolls. As I had printed more wedding invitations than I required, I decided to write a couple of invites for my dolls for old times’ sake. Although none of my toys came to the wedding, it still reminded me of the times when I was carefree and untroubled.

Many of my friends still visit me often to acquire some guidance about the successful preparation of a wedding. As I had to go through so much trouble to organize my own wedding, I tell my friends that I do not have the expertise that is required to plan a successful wedding. When it comes to addressing wedding invitations, however, I find no trouble helping my friends to great effect. It is, and has always been, a task of immense entertainment and pleasure for me.