How to Make Her Day Special – Tiaras From Dressup Days to the Real Wedding

Little girls love tiaras. Your little girl probably played princess, or wedding, or maybe Miss America pageant. Maybe she’s still in the midst of the days of crowns and rhinestones and the fancy dress-up pageant. There’s just something about rhinestone tiaras that makes a little girl feel beautiful. When she gets older, she may not play princess or wedding anymore, but it’s still fun to take a break from real life and let your (not-so) little girl feel like a princess again. Here’s how you can use rhinestone, crystal, or pageant tiaras to help her feel special, and maybe even a little spoiled, no matter what age your princess is.

Royal Crowns for the Little Ones:

If you have a young daughter with princess-mania, you may need to give into the rhinestone tiaras for a while. Donning tiaras at playtime doesn’t mean she isn’t learning about soccer and science, so as long as her activities are balanced, don’t feel guilty indulging the rhinestone crowns and tiara madness a little. You may want to look for tiaras for sale – whether your budget is of the dollar store tiara variety or something a little more authentic (rhinestone, crystal – just make that tiara sparkle!), giving her a plastic or rhinestone tiara of her own will be a memorable gift. Tell her she’s princess for the day, then spend some quality time playing pretend with her and the new rhinestone tiara – set up a pretend wedding, or provide enough crowns to assemble a small royal court for the afternoon.

Crystal Tiaras for the Teenage Pageant or Prom:

Most teenage girls, even the non-beauty pageant sets, attend one or more formal events during their high school years. Though the crowns and tiaras at home have likely been put away for a while, letting her wear a tiara (maybe more crystal than rhinestone this time) to a special event will make her feel as special as that last pretend pageant in the living room.

A rhinestone or crystal gift from dad can be especially meaningful at this age and will make her evening memorable. If your daughter will celebrate a quinceanera, make her special day extra glamorous with a rhinestone or crystal tiara. If buying a crystal tiara for sale is out of the budget, consider borrowing or renting a tiara for the day. You can find rhinestone or crystal tiaras by looking for pageant or wedding tiaras online.

Bridal Tiaras for the Wedding Day:

A wedding is perhaps the most obvious use of crystal tiaras. A crystal bridal tiara can be a wedding gift from a father or fiancee and often a wedding tiara is more memorable than a crystal necklace. The wedding day is one for a crystal tiara. Again, look for wedding tiaras online or ask your wedding planner or wedding dress supplier for recommendations. Bridal jewelery, bridal bouquet, and wedding decorations can coordinate with a tiara, too. When she looks back at her wedding day, and thinks of the crystal tiara, she’ll remember how someone thought of her as a bridal princess. Soon it will be her turn to provide rhinestone tiaras for her little ones!