Wedding Photography – Why What You Get Might Not Be What You’ve Seen!

I’d like to say I’m amazed at what I have just found out – but sadly I’m not. But it does make me feel both sad and angry.

For the sum of 295 GBP + VAT I “could” should I choose, attend a training course as follows:

“Photographic Course Overview:

Not enough images in your wedding portfolio to secure that crucial client? But without that client, how can you build it? We have the answer!

You need to know your way around your camera (this seminar is not suitable for beginners).

Two trainers; a stunning location and numerous brides and grooms and pre-wedding couples to model all in one day! Away from the traditional church setting, we focus on the happy couple both before and on the big day to provide you with a new set of images that will sell themselves! If your wedding portfolio is in need of some attention this is the seminar for you.”

OK – so here is my issue with this course. There will be people booking on it for precisely the reason stated – that they don’t have enough material of their own to form a portfolio.

The two trainers for the course are well established photographers who run successful businesses of their own. They are competent in posing, lighting and all the basic skills necessary to successfully photograph a wedding day. Their students however may not be so skilled. So what do they do? Book themselves on a course like this which enables them to photograph what appear to be “real” wedding couples in a flattering and competent way.

Along comes an unsuspecting couple who look at these images and naturally assume that the photographer whose website it is has created these images all by themselves.

Fast forward to the unsuspecting couples wedding day and the pressures photographers face on “real” weddings both from a time front and people skills and to their horror they find that the photographer that they booked can deliver neither. What do they do? Sit and cry would be one answer which springs to mind.

So how do you, as a bride/groom or someone shopping for a wedding photographer avoid falling into the trap of booking someone who has created their portfolio like this? View complete weddings and more than one wedding album. With the best will in the world £295 training courses cannot provide a room full of wedding guests and father of the bride giving speeches for example.

Don’t get me wrong – Training courses are a great resource and photographers making an effort to achieve their full potential – but showing a portfolio of pictures created on a training day and then passing them off as a “real wedding” is just plain wrong. Add to this portfolio one of the sample albums of photographs you can buy from a well-known Italian album manufacturer which are shot by a very accomplished Italian photographer and look amazing and you have a recipe only for disappointment.

So ladies (& gentlemen of course!) to avoid being let down by your wedding photographer do your research properly and check out a minimum of 2 or 3 full weddings and albums before parting with any money.

You have been warned!