Wedding Planning Courses

Wedding planning courses will help you to become a good wedding planner. Wedding planner courses are offered online and off-line, as well as a course may be certified or not certified. So, how to choose the right course for you?

First, do you need a certified course? A certified course can generally be trusted more than a non-certified one, however, it will probably also be more expensive. In fact, references from your satisfied customers will be much more important for finding new customers than just a good certification.

What is the duration of a potential course? Again, it depends on the course. Some wedding planning courses run for 300 hours, while others only for 40 hours. An average course is generally not less than 100 hours.

How much does a wedding planning course cost? Depending on the provider, the location, the number of hours, and whether it’s an online or an off-line course, it may cost between $500 and $1,000.

What’s important to look for in a course is whether it offers internships. For example, some wedding planning courses offer paid or free internships where you can work directly with brides and grooms to be, which is a priceless experience for any potential wedding planner.

Furthermore, a good course will teach you how to handle the couples and their families for months prior your prize – the wedding day. For some people, it might be psychologically hard to deal with agitated, disorganized and uncertain brides and grooms-to-be, so you will need to learn exactly how to help them calm down and to start feeling better.

Just like with anything else, you should perform a very extensive research when you are looking for good wedding planning courses. Do not just settle with information on the websites of these courses; instead, also visit wedding forums and see what real people say.

What exactly will you be responsible for? Here is just a small list: paying taxes, keeping records, marketing your services, setting up your fees, creating contracts, closing sales, consulting, and many more. There’s actually a lot involved in planning a wedding, and a good course will teach you how to turn a wedding idea into a real wedding.

Being a wedding planner might not be as simple as in the well-known movie starring Jennifer Lopez. You will need some real business skills in order to plan and manage someone’s wedding on a high level.

Becoming a wedding planner may not be that easy, but this hard work is worth it. You will be thanked with 10%-15% earnings from each wedding’s total cost, as well as you will be thanked with the happiness of the couple, their family and friends on the wedding day!